Mallik Endodontics

Durham, NC

A leading dental practice dedicated to the specialty of endodontics. Located in our brand new facility at Patterson Place in Durham, North Carolina. Complete with state-of-the-art technology, this office was completed in May 2017.

  • I cannot express my gratitude to you and your company for the incredible job you have done for my new office going from a 1400 sqft cold dark shell to what we have now. From our very first meeting I got the feeling that you were a company I would enjoy working with – honest, straightforward and conscientious. All in one is what you are.

    As you are aware I did initially interview four contractors including yourselves and you were the highest bid. But I got exactly what I paid for. Perfection, efficiency and quality. I really appreciated your way of doing business – all phone calls, emails and text messages were answered promptly. When the initial quotes had to be modified there were done so without question and without wasting time. Once you began the construction I was so impressed with the keeping to schedule. The subs you had working were polite, respectful and whenever I did visit the site they were only too proud of their work and could not wait to show me what they had done.

    As the work progressed everything was on time and seemed to be smooth. So much so that the work was completed two days ahead of the scheduled completion date. I honestly think that is unheard of in this line of work.

    Of course there were little bits and pieces that had to be completed or modified once everything was complete, and these were done within a day of my calling you and the subs would come out early and make sure things were done to my satisfaction. This was after the final check was written.

    The project superintendent was there every day, always texting me to let me know what was going on. I came to the site quite often but not to check on your guys, to see what had changed each day. He also came to the installation of dental equipment just to lend a hand which was, very nice and greatly appreciated by the supply people.

    I want to thank you for taking on my up-fit, I cannot say enough about your company and its business practices. There was absolutely not one negative in the whole process that I can think of. What I can ask is that you please share this communication with any potential clients you may have and give them any and all contact info for me if they wish to discuss.

    I recommend Chambliss Rabil contractors to anyone in need of the work they are renowned for doing, and do so in the strongest possible terms.–A.K. Bobby Mallik, DMD