Dental Construction

Our first project when we opened our doors in 1975 was a dental office. Since then, we have constructed or renovated well over 150 dental offices throughout North Carolina and consider ourselves specialist in the detail driven field of healthcare construction. The range of services that we provide our dental clients is limitless. From a minor repair to an update of decor to full renovation, we handle it all. New construction? No problem. Our knowledge of dental office operations results in an understanding of dental office design, function, and construction. To put it simply, “we speak the language”. We know who to engage to form a team that will get it right.

Many of our clients prefer that we provide full DESIGN/BUILD services. That way, we are involved from day one. When the equipment provider, architect, engineers, designer, and contractor are all in place from start to finish, the result is a better product, a more functional office, a shorter construction schedule, and a lower cost. That results in a happy dentist. Mission accomplished.